How to Make Money Online At Home From Instagram

How to Make Money Online At Home From Instagram

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Make Money Online At Home on Instagram:


In the past year, Instagram has become a real force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. Since January, it has gained 100 million monthly active users, with the total currently sitting at a hefty 400 million monthly and 75 million daily users.


I know some influencers who are making $10,000 monthly from Instagram by blogging on a specific niche in addition to plenty of goods( Free Hotel stays, free Stuff to promote ..) I mean if you got the chance to grow your Instagram account at least to 5k followers of Strong Following base than you can start making good money off of Instagram easily.  


Making money on Instagram has been a trend where nowadays, Instagram Influencers are making a living through their IG accounts and They re “GETTING PAID FOR LIVING A FANCY LIFE”.


That’s pretty astonishing. So it’s no surprise that brands are now dedicating a substantial percentage of their social media marketing budget to this image-heavy channel.




So what does that mean for you?


Well, now is the perfect time to cash in on its growing popularity.  If you’re prepared to put in the time and commitment, you can easily find yourself in a position where you can start making serious money from your Instagram account.



Still not sure what to do?  



No sweat! I’ll guide you through the main ways to cultivate an income through Instagram and make a name for yourself in all the right places.


Here is a whole blueprint on how to grow your IG account fast and organically


No sweat! I’ll guide you through the main ways to cultivate an income through Instagram and make a name for yourself in all the right places.








To keep your Instagram account looking professional and gorgeous, follow these simple tips:

Completely fill out your profile including website URL (if applicable), email address, etc.


  • Add a bio photo
  • Post frequently
  • Use hashtags


Here is a solid guide that shows you the main hacks and tips to grow your Instagram account fast and organically





1. Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote a product and get paid per sale. You’ll often see bloggers doing this with sidebar banners promoting their partners (affiliates), or even through specific product-inspired posts. 


Well, it’s not much different with Instagram:



With Instagram, you post attractive images highlighting their products and drive sales through your affiliate URL (this should be provided by your affiliate).

There are quite a few companies you can work with here. Here are some:


  • Sharesale: Find companies you want to work with, sign up for their affiliate program, get approved then start promoting. In some programs, it’s easier to get approved if you have a blog or website.
  • Ebates: Refer people that love deals & discounts, then get a commission.
  • Stylinity: great for fashion bloggers. When people shop using your link, you’ll get a commission.


You can put your affiliate URL on your captions or on your bio. You can either use to shorten and customize your affiliate link OR you can hook up your blog and Instagram profile so that when people purchase through your link, you get a sale.



It really couldn’t be easier. This type of marketing is particularly popular with clothing on Instagram, as you can post your “OOTD” (outfit of the day) with the affiliate link sending followers to your full outfit details.  



For those involved in the travel industry (or simply those that love to travel – ahem, all of us!), you could try to set up and use affiliate marketing when taking part in reviews for hotels and venues. Simply direct followers to book through your link!



It’s also great for beauty bloggers, as you can invite people to “shop the look.” These methods are subtler and, as such, more effective than a direct sales type pitch.


2. Create Sponsored Posts:


Instagram users with engaged followings can earn extra money by creating original sponsored content for brands. In a nutshell, a piece of sponsored content on Instagram is a photo or video that highlights a product or a brand.

These posts are accompanied by captions that may include branded hashtags, @mentions, or links. Brands don’t typically require a formal brand ambassadorship for creators of sponsored content, but it’s common for them to tap certain influencers for content time and time again. However, it’s important that any brands or products you promote are a good fit for your own personal image on Instagram.

The idea is to show off brands that you can personally get behind and to show your followers how that brand fits into your lifestyle.


  • TapInfluence is a great tool for Instagram creators who are looking for opportunities for sponsored content, and it takes the guesswork out of the process of aligning with brands. You create a profile that describes you and the nature of your content, and brands who are interested in working with you will invite you to programs.
  • Ifluenz is another easy tool as you can browse matching available campaigns created by a variety of brands and directly promote the ones you prefer.





  1. Clever Girls Collective
  2. Tap Influence
  3. Linqia
  4. Izea
  5. Acorn
  6. Social Fabric



3. Sell Your Photos:


An obvious one, surely? Why not use Instagram for it sole purpose… to showcase your photography? If you’re a professional (or amateur but keen!) photographer, Instagram is a great way to advertise and sell your shots to either individuals or agencies. 

Add a watermark to your snaps and use the captions to list all selling details in a concise manner. As always, make sure that you have an active presence so that the right type of accounts are following you. Use appropriate hashtags to pull people towards your shots and get a conversation going with influential photography agencies.  

There are also a few sites that you can use to actually put your Instagram photos for sale, including:


Community Foap

Here is a whole guide on how to make money from Instagram selling your own Instagram photos on Twenty20 where you make up to $2800 per month just selling your IG pics,

Click here   if wanna know more about that!


4. Promote Your Business, Products Or Services:



If you run your own business, then Instagram needs to hold an integral place in your marketing matrix. If you sell products, use it to post beautiful shots that can’t be found on your website. Here are some creative ways to promote your products or services:

Behind the scenes. “Behind the scenes” type images tend to be hugely popular picture gorgeous handmade soaps being gift wrapped, jewelry being pieced together, or delicious cakes straight out of the oven. It’s appealing and adds a certain realness to what you’re doing… and people love that.  

Your customers’ photos: Linked to this is the use of User Generated Content on your account. Get customers to share their images of your products and re-gram (download the “Repost for Instagram” app to repost your customers’ photos). This is a proven successful method of selling and would make a great addition to your account. It also calls for you to start up your own unique hashtag which you can then promote to all your customers: it’s a seriously slick way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. For example, White Castle asks its customers to use #MyCrave to their photos. Now when they see them using that hashtag, they can repost their photos to their Instagram account.  

Infographics + exclusive offers. You can also market your services through Instagram with snazzy infographics and exclusive offers. Using Instagram to feature special offers is also a great tool to up your follower count as it’s a bonus they won’t find anywhere else.

The brilliant thing about using Instagram to promote your business is you can get mega creative with it. Think outside of the box and really use it to your full advantage. You’re sure to see the sales flying in.




Now’s The Time To Make It Happen!



So now you know the five handy ways to make money through Instagram, you’re all set to start building your empire. Whatever avenue you decide to go down, be sure to always keep your personal brand in mind and treat what you do as a business. The more you understand what it is you can offer, the stronger your message will be to potential collaborators!




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