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MDCAT Student Guide Book 2022

MDCAT Student Guide Book 2022

MDCAT Student Guide Book 2022 The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is conducted annually by Pakistan Medical Commission as the national entrance test for Medical and Dental Colleges in Pakistan.

Exam Schedule for MDCAT 2022:

Candidate Schedule
Local & International 7th– 30th September 2022


The exam will be conducted at 21 different locations nationally and in 9 locations Internationally.

National Venues

Lahore Sialkot Khairpur Abbottabad
Multan Sahiwal Karachi DI Khan
Faisalabad Islamabad Hyderabad Peshawar
Gujranwala Quetta Nawab shah Swat/Malakand
DG Khan Muzaffarabad Mirpur (AJK)
Bahawalpur Gilgit


International Venues

Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar
Canada USA UK
Oman Bahrain Australia


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Eligibility criteria:

  1. Any person (Pakistani/Overseas Pakistani/Foreign National) shall be eligible to register for and attempt the MDCAT examination
  2. FSC/HSSC/A level result/degree IS NOT required for MDCAT 2022
  3. A candidate is permitted to take the MDCAT exam only once in each calendar

Structure, Standards & Setting of MDCAT Paper:

  • The MDCAT exam will be a multiple-choice, computer-based exam conducted in the English language
  • It will consist of 200 MCQs according to the following weightage:
Subject No: of MCQs
Biology 68
Chemistry 54
Physics 54
English 18
Logical reasoning 6
Total 200


Difficulty level
Easy 20%
Moderate 60%
Hard 20%
Cognition level
Recall 70%
Application 30%


  • The exam duration will be 3 and 30 mins
  • The difficulty and cognition level will be maintained in all papers

Passing criteria:

  • 65% (130 out of 200) for admission into Medical Colleges
  • 55% (110 out of 200) for admission into Dental Colleges

For students who took the exam in 2021 and want to use their 2021 results for admissions in 2022-23, the equivalence score calculator will be available on the PMC website.

Tutorial, Mock & Practice tests:

As part of the student registration fee, a free online Mock Test and tutorial on how to take the exam will be shared with the students in August 2022. This Mock Test will be based on a Mock Test Question-Bank which will give students an understanding of the level of questions expected in the actual exam based on the Final MDCAT Question-Bank.

Students will be able to take multiple Mock Tests for practice.


Exam Scheduling by Students 8th Aug – 17th Aug
Issuance of roll number slips 18th Aug – 25th Aug


Registration & Scheduling Pre-Exam:

  1. Any person found to have given wrong information during registration will have their registration
  2. All candidates have been scheduled for the Exam system based on their selection of 1st or 2nd choice of centers and based on First Come – First Serve basis determined from the date of clearance If the capacity of a center is filled students have been scheduled by the system to the next choice of center or the next closest center geographically.
  3. Further to successful registration candidates may log on to their PMC Exams Account where they can see their scheduled date and center as done by the
  4. A candidate can during the Scheduling Window between 8th August and 17th August 2022 change their date or both date and center to any of their choice subject to availability of space as per the schedule calendar visible to
  5. After the close of the Scheduling Window Roll, Number slips shall be issued from 18th August 2022 to 25th August 2022 to all candidates as per the final scheduling

Policy for Rescheduling during exams:

  1. Only cases of major emergencies such as medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, and issues of MDCAT exam dates conflict with any other exam will be considered valid for rescheduling &
  2. Rescheduling will be solely based on the availability of a future date and not an absolute right in the event of a candidate being absent from their scheduled exam

SOP for Rescheduling During Exam:

  1. From 6th September 2022, the scheduling option will open again, and Candidates can directly reschedule their exam in the event of an emergency or health
  2. Subject to availability of space, a Candidate can reschedule their exam only during the 72 hours / 3 days window prior to the date on which their exam is originally scheduled OR within 24 hours / 1 day of having been absent from their scheduled

In case of unavailability of space:

  1. In the event of a major emergency requiring a rescheduling and no future dates being available at any center in the same province, the candidate may apply to the Authority at the Complaint Management System (https://cmspmc.com/registerComplaint.aspx) for an Emergency
  2. The Authority in its absolute discretion after ascertaining the emergency declared and the supporting evidence provided may reschedule the candidate if space is available at any of the centers in any future The candidate shall have no right to claim an Emergency Rescheduling and can only apply for one.

Refund Policy:

Refund is applicable only in the case of dual payments after 4th August 2022.

Exam Conduct:

  1. Candidate must ensure to reach the test center as per the time and date mentioned on his/her roll no In case of more than 30 minutes late arrival (Due to an extreme emergency), the candidate will not be allowed to sit in the exam.
  2. Mandatory Requirement: Please bring your original identity document (CNIC/ Passport/ POR /B form/NICOP) plus a Hard copy of the COVID Vaccination certificate to the exam No student will be allowed to sit in the exam without identity verification with corresponding original documents and a COVID Vaccination certificate.
  3. Students will have to follow NCOC COIVID guidelines as
  4. Any candidate found to have provided a forged identity or false information shall have his registration canceled by the Authority and such person shall be debarred from taking the MDCAT on a permanent
  5. Candidates will not be allowed to take any paper, pencil, mobile phone, electronic device, food, drink, or any other objectional item other than the printed roll number slip into the Examination Hall. Medication based on prescription shall be allowed. Water / Juice shall be provided in the Examination
  6. The examination staff shall have the right to conduct a search of the person prior to entering the examination
  7. A person found to be talking during the exam or having brought in any banned item shall be immediately disqualified and their examination shall be canceled, and such person shall be debarred from taking the MDCAT for two further consecutive
  8. Candidates can only leave the hall after having completed their
  9. No candidate will be allowed to re-enter the hall once they
  10. In the case of a serious medical emergency if a candidate has opted to start the exam it will at the discretion of the Head Invigilator to cancel their exam attempt and allow them to be rescheduled or to count their exam as already

Exam App:

  1. Candidates will log in to the exam application through their roll numbers, and a verification code (unique code provided at the center to each student)
  2. One question at a time will be available on the screen and they can answer the question by clicking one of the
  3. Candidates can Skip any Question without answering it by clicking on the Skip
  4. Candidate can change their answer as many times as they want before the submission of their
  5. At the top of the screen there will be 4 option bars available namely;
    1. Attempted Questions
    2. Skipped Questions
    3. Unattempted (Remaining) Questions
    4. Flagged Questions
  1. Candidates can submit the exam after completion at any time by clicking “End Exam”. The candidate will see a confirmatory Popup on the screen before the final Submission of the
  2. Once the exam is submitted it cannot be restarted
  3. Candidates can only leave the hall after having submitted their

Post exam SOP:

Result announcement

  1. The result will be announced on 7th October 2022 which shall be made available on the PMC Student Online
  2. The result of the MDCAT exam as communicated and issued shall be

Exam Review Process (in case required)

  1. Exam review solely pertaining to the re-totaling of the MDCAT score will be
  2. The window for the review applications will be opened right after the announcement of the
  3. Candidates on payment of the prescribed fee will be provided with the option of review (scoring of their MDCAT exam).

Submission of result for Admission

  1. After the announcement of the MDCAT result, candidates will have the provision of forwarding their results from their MDCAT portal to the relevant medical or dental
  2. Those candidates who will opt for the option of review will be able to share the updated result with the university (if applicable) after the announcement of the review

Validity of MDCAT Result:

A candidate’s MDCAT result shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of the exam.

If a person retakes the MDCAT exam during this period, the person may use the highest attained result to apply to a medical or dental college.

Policy for absenteeism from exam/Rescheduling of the exam:

  1. Only cases of major emergencies such as medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, and issues of MDCAT exam dates conflict with any other exam will be considered valid for
  2. Rescheduling will be solely based on the availability of a future date and not an absolute right in the event of a candidate being absent from their scheduled exam

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