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University of Central Punjab University of Central Punjab Admission Fall 2019

University of Central Punjab University of Central Punjab Admission Fall 2019

UCP Admission Application can be submitted via the following two options:
Option 1: Apply Online and Make Payment via Easy Paisa or Bank Challan
Sign up through UCP online admissions portal (admissions.ucp.edu.pk) and fill the relevant information in the online form. In this case, the Fee can either be deposited by Easy paisa or Al Baraka Bank challan.
Option 2: Make Payment at UCP’s Admissions Office and then Apply Online
Submit the application fee at UCP’s Admissions Office, the username and password will be provided which will be used to login your online admissions portal.

Not registered yet? Click here.
Forgot Password? Click here.

Admission Guide? Click here.

Step (1/4):
Go to admissions.ucp.edu.pk.
Step (2/4):
“Click here to register.” to enter basic information for online application form.
Step (3/4):
Fill the Sign Up form
Note: All the blank fields with asterisk sign (*) must be filled.
• Name: The name MUST be written as per your educational credentials. Once you have made the account, you will not be able to change the name.
• CNIC: Write down your Identity Card/B Form No.
• E-Mail: You must provide your correct and accessible email address as login and password will be sent on your email address.
• Program: You must choose your Program wisely because the UCP online admissions form is based upon program preference system. After signing up, you can add 2 more program preferences in your online form.
Step (4/4):
Press the Sign up button and you will be registered for the account.
After successfully signing up, an email carrying the User Name and Password will be sent on the Email provided by you in the Sign Up form.
Cited below is the sample of email:
If you choose the second option for application submission, after making a cash payment at UCP’s Admissions Office, a reference no./username and password, will be issued to you.
Application Submission
If you select any of the two options, the below steps must be followed:
Step 1:
Go to admissions.ucp.edu.pk
Step 2:
Enter the details (provided to you via Email or UCP’s Office of Admissions). Enter Username / Reference Number in the first tab and Password in the second tab.
Step 3:
Press the Sign In button.
Step 4:
Once you successfully Sign in, the main dashboard will appear.
Step 5:
Upload your recent picture. Click on Choose file (Fig. 6). Select a recent picture file, press open and your Picture will be uploaded.
Your picture will be uploaded
Step 6
Click the Admission Form button.
Step 7
Below figure will appear. You can select your program preferences there.
Save information by clicking the Submit Preference button
Make sure that your “Program Preference 1” is selected.
Step 8:
After pressing the Submit Preference button, press the Next button to move to the second Section i.e. Personal Information.
The Personal Information Section comprises of 5 parts.
1. Personal Information
2. Father’s Information
3. Guardian Information
4. Permanent Address
5. Present Address
1. Personal Information: Some details in the Personal Information section (below Fig) will already be filled, you must fill all the remaining blank fields with asterisk sign (*)
You must enter your information from the drop downs or text fields. In this section all the blanks are required to be filled.
2. Father’s Information & Guardian’s Information:
Father’s Information:
In this section, you are required to enter all the asked details of your father. The Father Name, Father NIC and Cell # tabs must be filled.
If you have filled the Father’s Information section, the Guardian Information section can be left unfilled.
In case of deceased father, it’s preferred to enter the details of your Guardian, in this case you still have to enter the Name and NIC number of your father whereas in the Cell # tab you must enter your guardian’s cell no.
3. Permanent Address & Present Address
In this section, you must enter your Permanent & Present addresses. If your
Permanent address is same as present, you can click on “Same as above” button on the right side of Present address.
If you can’t find the name of your city in the list of cities already saved, select the nearest city and enter the details of your city in the Other City field.
Select the Save Personal Info button and then Next to move to the next section i.e. Academic Detail.
If you want to make any changes, edit the information, click the Save Personal Info button again and then select Next to move further.
Academic Details.
You must enter all your academic records starting from Matriculation/O-Level till date.
To add the record, press the button with “+” sign.
Enter your Matriculation/O-LEVEL details first. Enter your Board/University, Matriculation Registration # and Matriculation Roll #.
In the Result Status, there are two options for candidate Declared and Waiting the waiting option is only available while entering Inter level education in Undergraduate case and bachelors level education in Graduate case.
There are specific fields if your result is declared, the online portal demands Passing Year, Total marks, Obtain Marks as compulsory fields.
Simultaneously there are specific fields if your result is waiting, the online portal demands 1st Part Total Marks*, 1st Part Obtain Marks*, 2nd Part Roll as compulsory fields.
“Both above described cases are shown below.”
In Exam Level you have two/ three options depending upon you are applying in undergraduate/ graduate/ Doctoral Program.
In the Degree Title, you must select your degree name.
Then the portal demands your Board/ University name.
“Each case is described cases are shown below.”
Work Experience:
To add the record, press the button with “+” sign.
Test & Examination:
To add the record, press the button with “+” sign.
Extra-Curricular Activities:
To add the record, press the button with “+” sign.
In the submission section, you must check and confirm all your details. At the bottom, the candidate can see the Scholarship options. The candidate can select any option according to his/her eligibility.
After selecting the scholarship, the candidate is required to check that the detail he/she has entered is correct. After checking that option, the “Submit” button will appear. After clicking submit button your form will be submitted.
Click on the Print Admission Form.
The below form will be displayed, showing your complete information. You have the option to print your form by clicking on the print button (whenever required).
Online Payment
Option 1:
If you have selected Option 1 (Apply and pay online), then click on the payment option of By EasyPaisa.
After selecting By EasyPaisa below screen will appear. At the panel on the right, Order ID and the amount according to your program preferences are displayed. In order to process the payment, simply give the order ID to EasyPaisa retailer. You will also get the confirmation message from EasyPaisa.
OR Click on the option of Download Challan to download the challan form so that you can submit the payment in the bank. Below is the screenshot for your assistance.
After clicking on Download Challan, you will be redirected to the following page:
Option 2:
If you have chosen Option 2 (Cash payment at UCP’s Office of Admission and then Apply Online), you are not required to click on Payment Option as your verification is already done.
Test/Interview Date Letter
You will have to click on Print Test/Interview Letter.
Below is the Sample of Test/Interview Letter.
General Guidelines
• The asterisk sign (*) means that the fields are compulsory to fill. Without entering the details in the required field, form will not proceed further.
• Academic Detail will not be completed if any of your educational information is missing. You have to start adding your academic details from Matriculation.
• Once you have filled your form completely, re-check before submitting it. No changes can be made after submission.
• Check the green ticks in the upper bar of your Login Home Page to see if all your information is completed. Click on the ‘Print Admission Form’ to view the submitted form.
• Make sure the username provided to you is in digits. The password must be entered with caps-lock on.
• While accessing the online portal, make sure that you enter the username and password provided to you via E-mail or by UCP Admission Office.
• If you are paying online, wait for 2-3 days for payment verification to view your test date.
In case of any discrepancy and further information, send an email to admissions@ucp.edu.pk


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