University Of Punjab Date Sheet of MA MSc M.Com Annual Examination 2020

University Of Punjab Date Sheet of MA MSc M.Com Annual Examination 2020

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Date Sheet for the M.A. / M.Sc. Part-I, Annual Examination, 2020 to be held in March 2021.

Date & Day Subject Paper
Timing From 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
On Friday From 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm
Applied Psychology I I-N15 School & Perspectives in Psychology (New Course) 117
Arabic I I Tatbeeq Alqawaid Alarabia (Old & New Course) 1
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies I I Theories and Practice of Diplomacy 11
Economics I I-N Microeconomic Theory 16
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 1 1 Foundations of Education 188
Fine Arts I I History of Muslim Painting with Special Emphasis on Mughal Painting 27
French I I Culture et Civilization (New Course) 33
History I I-N Early History of Islam 38
International Relations I I-N Introduction & Issues of International Relations 43
Kashmiryat I I-N14 History of Evolution of Kashmiri Prose 53
Mass Communication I I Language and Communication (English Medium Candidates) 64
I Language and Communication (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Persian I I Dastoor-e-Zaban-e-Farsi Wa Tarjama 79
Philosophy I I History of Modern Western Philosophy 84
Punjabi I I Classici Shaeri 74
Social Work I I-N14 Social Case Work 172
Urdu I I Urdu Shaeree Classici Ahid Main (Old Course) 106
I-N Classical Shaeree (301) (New Course)
Botany I-A I-N Microbiology, Phycology & Bryology-A 123
Chemistry I I Physical Chemistry (Old & New Course) 130
English I I Classical Poetry 22
Gender Studies I I Introduction to Gender Studies & Women’s Movement 141
Geography I I-NN Geography: Traditions & Concepts (New Course) 136
Islamic Studies I I Al-Quran al-Hakeem (Old & New Course) 48
Mathematics I I Real Analysis (Old & New Course) 153
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management I I (A) Database Management Information System & Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System 148
Physics I I Mathematical Methods of Physics 158
Political Science I I Western Political Thought 95
Space Science I I-N14 Mathematical Techniques & Quantum Mechanics 163
Sport Sciences & Physical Education I I Sports Management and Planning Sports Facilities 201
Social Work II II-N14 Social Group Work 173
Statistics I I Statistical Methods 168
Tourism & Hospitality Management I THM 301 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 195
Zoology I I (A) Biochemistry 182
Applied Psychology II II-N15 Research Methods and Research Designs (New Course) 118
Arabic II II Al-Insha Wa al Mohadisa (Old & New Course) 2
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies II II Theories and Dimensions of Strategy 12
Economics II II-N Macroeconomic Theory 17
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 2 2 Leadership and Management in Elementary / Secondary Schools 189
Fine Arts II II Techniques of Painting 28
French II II-A Techniques d’expression orale Ecrite 34
History II II-N Research Methodology and Historiography 39
International Relations II II-N International Relations Since 1945 44
Kashmiryat II II-N14 Classical Kashmiri Poetry 54
Mass Communication II II News Techniques and Traditions (English Medium Candidates) 65
II News Techniques and Traditions (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Persian II II Nasar-e- Classic-e- Farsi 80
Philosophy II II Muslim Philosophy 85
Punjabi II II Nasar Qadim tay Jadeed 75
Social Work III III-N14 Community Development and Organization 174
Urdu II II Afsanvi Nasar O Drama (Old Course) 107
II-N Afsanvi Nasar O Drama (302) (New Course)
Botany II II-N Mycology 124
Chemistry II II Inorganic Chemistry (Old & New Course) 131
English II II Drama 23
Gender Studies II II Women in Religions’ Perspectives 142
Geography II II-NN Environmental Geography (New Course) 137
Islamic Studies II II Al-Hadith al-Sharif (Old & New Course) 49
Mathematics II II Algebra (Old & New Course) 154
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management II II Forestry and Ecology 149
Physics II II Classical Mechanics 159
Political Science II II Muslim Political Thought and Institutions 96
Space Science II II-N14 Meteorology & Climatology 164
Sport Sciences & Physical Education II II Sports Nutrition 202
Social Work IV IV-N14 Social Research Methods-1 175
Statistics II II Probability and Probability distributions 169
Tourism & Hospitality Management II THM 302 Tour Operation 196
Zoology II II (A) Cell and Molecular Biology 183

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Date & Day Subject Paper
Timing From 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
On Friday From 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm
Applied Psychology III III-N15 Psychological Assessment (New Course) 119
Arabic III III Al-Nasar Al-Hadith (Old & New Course) 3
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies III III Research Methodology 13
Economics III III-N Mathematical Economics 18
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 3 3 Curriculum and Instructions 190
Fine Arts III III History of European Painting 29
French III III(A) Initiation a la Linguistique 35
History III III-N State and Society in Muslim India 1206-1707 40
International Relations III III-N Theories of International Relations 45
Kashmiryat III III-N14 Political History of Kashmir 55
Mass Communication III III Designing of News Pages (English Medium Candidates) 66
III Designing of News Pages (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Persian III III Shair-e- Classic-e-Farsi 81
Philosophy III III Moral Philosophy 86
Punjabi III III Deen tay Tassawuf 76
Social Work V V-N14 Introductory Economics for Social Workers 176
Urdu III III Asaleeb Nasr Urdu (Old Course) 108
III-N Asaleeb Nasar (303) (New Course)
Botany III III-N Evolutionary Biology of Vascular Plants 125
Chemistry III III Organic Chemistry (Old & New Course) 132
English III III Novel 24
Gender Studies III III Gender Issues in Psychology & Health 143
Geography III III-NN Geomorphology (New Course) 138
Islamic Studies III III Comparative Study of Religions (Old & New Course) 50
Mathematics III III Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry (Old & New Course) 155
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management III III Integrated Watershed Management 150
Physics III III Quantum Mechanics 160
Political Science III III Comparative and Developmental Politics 97
Space Science III III-N14 Astronomy 165
Sport Sciences & Physical Education III III Sports Biomechanics 203
Social Work VI VI-N14 Sociology of Culture and Social Institutions 177
Statistics III III Design and Analysis of Experiments 170
Tourism & Hospitality Management III THM 305 Communication Skills and Personal Development 197
Zoology III III (A) Genetics and Biostatistics (Weightage 3:1) 184
Applied Psychology IV IV-N15 Abnormal Psychology (New Course) 120
Arabic IV IV Al-Nasar Al-Qadim (Old & New Course) 4
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies IV IV Dynamics & Issues of International Economy 14
Economics IV IV-N Statistics for Economists 19
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 4 4 Assessment and Evaluation 191
French IV IV (A) Panorama de La literature (Moyen age-XXe siecle) 36
History IV IV-N Muslim Struggle for Pakistan 1858-1947 41
International Relations IV IV-N Foreign Policy Analysis 46
Kashmiryat IV IV-N14 Kashmiri Linguistics and Language 56
Mass Communication IV IV Media History 67
Persian IV IV Adabiyat-e-Maasir-e-Farsi 82
Philosophy IV IV Problems of Philosophy 87
Punjabi IV IV Khususi Mutalia Waris Shah 77
Social Work VII VII-N14 Human Growth and Behaviour 178
Urdu IV IV Tareekh Zuban O Adab Urdu (Old Course) 109
IV-N Tareekh Zaban O Adab (304) (New Course)
Botany IV IV-N Cell Biology & Biostatistics 126
Chemistry IV IV-1 (i)        Biochemistry                } 133
IV-2 (ii) Analytical Chemistry } Old & New Course 134
IV-3 (iii) Applied Chemistry       } 135
English IV IV Prose 25
Gender Studies IV IV Status of Women in Pakistan Politics, Law and Media 144
Geography IV IV-NN Climatology & Oceanography (New course) 139
Islamic Studies IV IV Islamic History (Old & New Course) 51
Mathematics IV IV Mechanics (Old & New Course) 156
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management IV IV Mountain Environment 260
Physics IV IV Solid State Physics-1 161
Political Science IV IV International Relations 98
Space Science IV IV-N14 Electronics 166
Sport Sciences & Physical Education IV IV Methodology of Scientific Coaching 204
Social Work VIII VIII-N14 History and Philosophy of Social Work 179
Statistics IV IV Sampling Techniques 171
Tourism & Hospitality Management IV THM 307 Food and Beverage Management 198
Zoology IV IV (A) Physiology 185
Applied Psychology V V-N15 Statistics in Psychology (New Course) 121
Arabic V V Al-Adab Al-Deeni (Old & New Course) 5
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies V V Strategic Issues of Pakistan Foreign Policy 15
Economics V V-N Islamic Economics 20
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 5 5 Research Methods in Education 192
French V V-1 Francais des Professions. 37
History V V-N Government & Politics in Pakistan 1947-1999 42
International Relations V V-N International Law 47
Kashmiryat V V-N14 Geology and Geography of Kashmir 57

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Date & Day Subject Paper
Timing From 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
On Friday From 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm
Mass Communication V V National and International Affairs (NIA) 68
Persian V V Naqad-e-Adabi-e- Farsi 83
Philosophy V V Logic 88
Punjabi V V Tareekh Adab 78
Social Work IX IX-N14 Social Action 180
Urdu V V-I (A) Arabic (Zuban O Adab) (Old Course) 110
V-I (B) Farsi (Zuban O Adab) (Old Course)
V-N Mir-O-Ghalib Key Shaeree Ka Khususi Mutalaa (305) (New Course)
Botany V V-N Plant Biochemistry 127
English V V American Literature 25
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 6 6 Educational Psychology & Guidance 193
Gender Studies V V Research Methods I & Information Technology 145
Geography V V-NN Quantitative & Research Methods (New Course) 140
Islamic Studies V V Arabic Language & Literature (Old & New Course) 52
Mathematics V V Topology and Functional Analysis (Old & New Course) 157
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management V V Soil and Water Conservation 261
Physics V V Electronics 162
Political Science V V Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan 99
Space Science V V-N14 Remote Sensing & Image Processing 167
Sport Sciences & Physical Education V V Sports Psychology 205
Tourism & Hospitality Management V THM 308 Human Resource Management 199
Zoology V V Developmental Biology 186
Botany VI VI-N Plant Ecology 128
Economics VI VI-N Major Issues in Pakistan Economy 21
Education (Elementary/Secondary/General) 7 7 General Methods of Teaching 194
Gender Studies VI VI Gender & Human Rights 146
Mass Communication VI VI Communication-1 69
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management VI VI Mountain Hazards & Disaster Management 262
Social Work X X-N14 Gender & Development 181
Sport Sciences & Physical Education VI VI Human Anatomy 206
Tourism & Hospitality Management VI THM 309 Heritage and Visitor Attraction 200
Zoology VI VI (A) Animal Diversity and Wildlife (Weightage 50:50) 187

Note:- Dates for the Viva Voce of the Dissertation OR Thesis will be communicated to the candidates directly by the Chairmen/Head of the Departments concerned.



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