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In this task, you will get paid to watch specific You tube videos. This task can be fully automated as once the video starts as long as it is in focus.


Will be redirected to a third party website called Engaged Hits and then you will be prompted to register with your   G mail email. You will land on their ‘Earn Money’ page that has a very clear step by step video and PDF tutorial on how to install their Chrome Developer extension and earn by watching videos.


Get paid for each video watched. You will also gain 10 sweepstakes entries per video you watch. Each time you watch a video, the counter on this page will go up. Please watch the embedded video below which will walk you step by step what to expect so you can get up and earning immediately.



Time Bucks is giving a rate 10 times higher than any other site in the world for this offer. That means, if you do this task on any other site, you are losing money!




Complete your daily goal checklist below and receive a bonus! You only have to complete 5 out of the 6 below, it can be in any order. You must complete it before the day ends (according to the time in the footer of the site) otherwise it will reset to zero.

 1. Complete a Full Survey from the Surveys Tab (Excludes Daily Poll)

 2. Complete 3 Push Clicks

 3. Run the Sweepstakes Software for 60 minutes

 4. Complete 3 Slideshows

 5. Attempt 3 Tasks

 6. Complete a Click from the Clicks tab

























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